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Welcome to Sling & Meet.

Are you interested in babywearing and want to find out how to carry your child safely?

We offer babywearing advice and hire across Greater Manchester – Salford, Swinton, Walkden & Bury, giving parents and carers the opportunity to hire slings and carriers. Carrying your child in a sling is a wonderful bonding experience and offers many benefits for parents, carers and children.


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About Our Library

Salford Sling & Meet is a not-for-profit community group started in February 2015, with just a handful of slings at weekly library sessions.  Over the next four and a half years, we have moved locations three times to accommodate an ever-expanding sling selection and opened three new library sessions. We now hold weekly sessions on Wednesday at The Funhouse in Swinton, a once a month Saturday session at The Vine Cafe in Salford and alternatinting fortnightly friday sessions at The Dispensary Walkden and Newtons of Bury on The Rock Bury.

We offer a range of slings and carriers to fit from newborn babies to preschoolers, at library sessions we can fit and rent out available slings, help with your own slings, teaching new skills and practicing to perfect current skills. Our sling library is run by Samantha, Melinda & Sian who have trained with Slingababy and/or Born to Carry to give expert babywearing advice and support. We also have an amazing team of lovely local mums that have undertaken Peer Support Training.


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Our Services

We offer a range of services to make wearing more accessible to all.

    • Sling Library – We can help you with your own sling, help you try out library slings and troubleshoot any problems you may have. We help parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, foster parents, childminders, with children of varying ages and stages of development.
    • Sling Hire – We have a large and varied collection of slings in the library and lots of experience to aid you with these. Hiring a sling is a great way to try things out at home in real life before going to buy your own sling.
      Library slings can be hired from the sling library sessions, from consultations and group workshops. Our sling inventory can be browsed here. If you know what sling you would like to borrow we offer a doorstep service, no waiting at a library session needed. Please contact us to arrange collection.  We will always ensure you know how to use your hired sling safely before you take it away.
    • Free Newborn Stretchy Scheme –  We offer 4 weeks of free stretchy hire for anyone with children under 10 weeks old. We offer a variety of Stretchy Wraps, Close Caboo carriers and JPMBB Stretchy Ring Slings under this offer to ensure we have a sling to suit you and your baby.
    • Group Workshops – Small group workshops are focused sessions in how to use one type of sling in a few different ways, in the company of other parents! We offer workshops on Back Carrying in Buckles or Woven Wraps, Introduction to Woven Wraps, Feeding in Slings, Newborn Slings and more.
      Visit our events to view upcoming workshops, Don’t see a workshop topic you would like to join? Contact us to chat about options.
    • Consultantions – One to One tailored consultations are available with one of our experienced babywearing consultants, helping  you work out what sling is best for your needs and become more confident to use a sling. Library sessions can be busy and volunteer help is limited to 10-15 minutes at sessions. Consultations give you a longer period of time just for you and your needs.


Where to find us.


The Funhouse
Little Moss Lane
M27 6HA
Wednesdays 12-2.30pm


The Dispensary
Unit 106, Ellesmere Centre,
M28 3ZH
Alternate Fridays 10-12pm





Newtons of Bury
151 The Rock, 
Alternate Fridays 12-2pm








The Vine Cafe
327 Bolton Rd
M6 7GU
First Saturday of each month 2-4pm