Be Openminded

Be Openminded

Kicking off our Top Tip Tuesday with a favourite of ours…..

There is no ‘One for all’ sling or carrier.

This is something we talk about quite a bit at sling meets and consultations.
It’s personal preference, what fits you may not fit your friend and visa versa.
Think about your best pair of jeans, they may be perfect for you and your friend might be the same size but that’s not to say your preferred jeans would fit her perfectly too.

Part of our job is to look at your preferences and needs, your build, age and size of your child and pick out a couple of slings we can start with.

Remember we are always here to help, whether it’s just checking you are doing ok to helping you learn a new skill.

We are taking a little summer break

We are taking a little summer break

We are taking a little summer break
With the school break starting and summer holidays taking place, we felt it’s time for us to take a little time out also.

WEDNESDAY 26th JULY 1-3pm at Sayf Salford will be our last meet until the 23rd August.
But don’t worry we aren’t leaving you stranded without a sling. 

• Out of hours door step collection and drop off (No demo)
• Short consultation – Troubleshooting/short demo upto 45minutes £15 (No back carrying, one person)
• One to one consultation – New to slings, back carrying, wearing with health conditions, tandem wearing. Custom consultation tailored to your needs, 2-3 slings demoed/fitted. (1 person upto 90 mins £30, 1 person upto 120 mins £40, 2 people upto 120 mins £45)

Please send us a message via contact us section with any questions and to arrange day/ time slot.

The Sling & Meet Team

Yearly Membership

Would you like to hire more slings without the worry of paying a deposit?
Would you like to support your local sling library by adding funds to enable more families enjoy a bigger variety of slings and carriers?
Would you like reduced hire fees and free sling meet entry?

for the next chapter in the Salford Sling & Meet Journey, we have introduced a yearly membership system.

Membership will be £20 per year and will entitle you to – (Your membership fee will help us to get more amazing carriers for the library and increase the variety of the slings we can offer which will mean we will be able to help even more people.)

Free entry to sling meets.
Reduced Hire Fee of £6 per two weeks rather than £8.
No deposit to be left for any hires.
First look at all new library stock via a private members group, reserve before it’s even been to a meet.
Reduced rates on all one 2 one consults and workshops – Beginning in October.

If you currently have something on hire from us and would like to change over to yearly membership, get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

Sam, Melinda and Hayley xx