Which carrier or sling is right for you and your baby?

At Salford Sling & Meet we not only offer babywearing advice, but sling hire too.

Below you will the find a quick overtake the main sling categories you can find on the market 

Which carrier or sling is right for you and your baby?

At Salford Sling & Meet we not only offer babywearing advice, but sling hire too.
Below you will the find information on the different carriers, slings and accessories available.

There are many types of slings and carriers on the market,
it can be difficult to decide which would be best for you or baby.

Salford Sling & Meet has a wide choice of slings and carriers to hire,
enabling parents and carers to try out a variety before deciding which to buy.

Whether you are completely new to babywearing or an experienced babywearer,
pop into one of our library sessions for a brew, some cake, chat with the other parents and try out some of our slings.

Stretchy Wraps

A Stretchy Wrap is a long piece of fabric generally 4-5 metres long, that is wrapped around your body creating a snug pocket for baby to be placed in and secured.
Stretchy wraps are great for newborns and smaller babies, They can be pre-tied making It is easy to take babies in and out on the go. Perfect for kangaroo care and skin to skin contact, they can be used up to 6 months depending on the brand, one size will generally fit all sizes

See our library Stretchy Wrap selection here.
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.


Close Caboo Carrier

Caboos are a variation on stretchy wraps, These are a little more structured giving less flexibility, but slightly more ease of use for the user.  Baby is placed into each section of the cross panels, tightened using the rings at each side for a snug fit, the top layer is then placed over to keep secure.

See our Close Caboo selection here.
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.

Woven Wraps

A woven wrap is a length of fabric in which you can carry your child. Varying in sizes and fibre content.

Some of these are purposely woven for wearing a child whilst others are fabrics which have been selected by manufacturers as suitable for the purpose of carrying.

The world of babywearing has come a very long way in the space of a few years, not that long ago it was easy to name all the major companies. Now with the increasing demand and want for that something different, whether it be hand-woven or machine woven there are hundreds of different companies to choose from.

See our Woven Wrap selection here.
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.


Ring Slings

These are baby carriers that use dynamic tension, a length of woven cloth and aluminium rings.

One end of the cloth is sewn to two rings. The cloth wraps around the wearer’s body from shoulder to opposite hip and back up to the shoulder, and the end is threaded through the rings to create a buckle effect. The baby sits in the resulting pocket. Once a sling is threaded, it can be taken off and put back on without rethreading.

See our Ring Slings selection here.
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.


Meh Dai/ Bei Dai

Meh Dai / Bei Dai is a particular style of baby carrier, generally a square, or rectangle-shaped piece of fabric with straps on all four corners.  Meh Dai (Cantonese) or Bei Dai (Mandarin) are Asian style carriers with a history that stretches back hundreds of years. Consisting of a body panel and four straps, two for the waist and two to wrap around you and baby.

 See our Meh Dai selection here
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.

Buckled Carriers

Soft structured (SSC) or buckle carriers are a modernized version of the Meh Dai that borrows from hiking pack technology to create a quick, more structured carrier

They offer ergonomic, two-shouldered comfort. They are easy to use, with no worries about tying knots or long pieces of fabric. Friendly to both men and women and most are easily shared between wearers of different sizes.

See our Buckled Carrier selection here
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.

Water Slings

Water slings are a must have for a holiday & the summer!

Performance athletic mesh lends breath-ability with just the right amount of stretch.

See our Water Sling selection here
Visit our Tutorials section for videos.

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