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When and where to find us.

Our Library sessions:
Weekly Wednesday’s 12-2.30pm at
The Funhouse
Little Moss Lane
M27 6HA

First Saturday of each month 2-4pm at
The Vine Cafe
327 Bolton Rd
M6 7GU

view our Calendar to check we are open and any changes.


At The Funhouse there is parking on site.

At The Vine Cafe, there is parking directly out the front of the cafe.

Please do be respectful to the residents.

What happens at a library session.

Why come along to a Library Session?

Library sessions are run for a number of reasons, one of the main reasons is to try before you buy, Slings many times aren’t one size fits all.  It’s always a good idea to try a few different brands and styles out until you find the one you love, Which you can then go onto buy (Many times with library user discount).
Sometimes it can be the first sling is the right one sometimes it’s the 5th sling, either way, we advise to hire before buying mainly as we aren’t always around to help you, taking a sling home can help you get to grips with how to use it on your own, It also may not be as comfortable for longer periods than the ten minutes we have available to help at a library session.

What happens at a Library Session.

As you arrive we will ask you to sign in on the front desk, giving details of the child(ren) and also if you would like specific sling help, This will enable us to allocate the most appropriate supporter to help you. Once available your supporter will either gather a couple of slings to chat with you about or come along to talk with you first. As sling meets can get very busy we allocate up to 15 minutes to each family, This time is spent demonstrating a couple of options with a weighted demo doll, teaching safety checks and positioning and help fit the sling to yourself first with a demo doll then with your child if you feel confident in that particular sling.

All Library sessions are a drop in service, no appointment needed.  Although we do ask you to come along as early as you can and before the last half hour of the session to ensure we are able to help you with enough time. You may have a little wait once you have arrived, there are toys, books and refreshments are available. Please do remember to watch your children at all times.

Advice at our library sessions is free;
The Funhouse has an entry fee of £3 per child. Paid direct to the funhouse, this includes access to all soft play areas and a free hot drink. 
The Vine Cafe entry is free, refreshments and snacks available to purchase from the cafe. 

All are welcome at library sessions including newborns and expecting families. Please do let us know if you require any additional assistance.  From time to time we come across customers who need a little more care and attention than we can give at our library sessions (such as premature babies, and those with additional needs).  We are happy to arrange a one to one session outside of library time for individuals that may need extra support.

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The Funhouse

The Vine Cafe

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Visit us on Wednesdays:

The Funhouse
Little Moss Lane
M27 6HA
Meeting time: 12:00 - 14:30

Visit us on the first Saturday of the month:

The Vine Cafe
327 Bolton Rd
M6 7GU
Meeting time: 14:00 - 16:00




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