Fireworks &
Winter Wearing

Top tips on how to
survive the fireworks,
Keeping little ones warm and
how to layer up while using a sling.

Fireworks & Winter Wearing

Banish the booms

The whizz, pops and bangs can be overwhelming enough for us so protect your little ones with some ear defenders so they can enjoy the lovely light display without becoming too alarmed. Ear Defenders have stringent specs to keep your loved ones safe from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). You can hire Ear Defenders send us a message to arrange collection –

Toasty Toes

This is all about clothing. It’s turning cold now so it’s time to start thinking about what to wear when babywearing in the cold. It’s all about layers and protecting the extremities like toes, arms and head. Several thin layers means you are able to control your babies temperature by removing or adding. So avoid a snow suit over normal clothes think vest, T-shirt, jumper etc. This will not only be safer for baby but also give them more mobility in their joints. A stretchy would be three layers, a buckle carrier one etc. Also remember your body heat effects your traveller.  Then add extra to arms, legs and head Arm warmers, leg warmers, extra socks, warm shoes and a hat.
Babywearing coats or zip in panels are a brilliant addition to help keep baby cuddled up and warm against your body.

Keep them cuddled.

Ideally you want your little ones facing in. This way they have a safe space to hide from anything that becomes too overwhelming.  Keeping them cuddled up to you will help keep them calm and warm. 

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